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This windmill is located near Dryaw. Ever wanted to test your speed on locos? Here is the perfect route for it. The track is made to last forever.

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It's like playing with trains. I might do another one in the future. Here is a one-baseboard layout of Neville's Bridge from Season 9. The Bluebell Branchline runs over the Main Line with this bridge. It got it's name when Neville nearly fell off the collapsed bridge onto the rails below and Thomas had to rescue him. It features the bridge itself and some extras. Report any problems to me on the forum or on DeviantART!

I will see what I can do! Following the amalgamation of the Sudrian railways into the North Western Railway inthe line to Kirk Ronan was demoted to branch line status. Sailings to Dublin still continue, but following the Agreement ofthey are on Tuesdays and Fridays, as a local service only. In the television series, Glennock consists of a small wooden building with a canopy located in the middle of the countryside.

Discover the sheds like no one has ever seen before! The Roundhouse itself was modelled by none other than myself, which took about a few weeks to make. This diorama only took three consecutive days to construct, so positivity is to be expected! Have fun! Transitions Season 1. Here is a one-baseboard layout of the iconic character closeup shot from Season 1, with the hill moving in the background!

I've added invisible track and extra road on both sides of the transition diorama so you can control the speed of the motion of the hills. The Windmill Season A one-baseboard layout of the Iconic Tower Windmill we all know and love today, recreated in Trainz! This route comes with the windmill itself, followed by some extra stuff, and one easter egg. Hint: It's located on one of the corners of the baseboard. Abbey Season 9.

A six-baseboard diorama that contains one of the first stations along the Peel Godred Branch Line.

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Built inAbbey is named after the old Cronk Abbey. Abbey is owned by a nearby school outside of town, and a public library is opened near the station for studying purposes. Download Now. The Roundhouse itself, with seven berths, modelled by myself! Railway Line Transition Road Transition Extra scenery on both sides for decoration purpose Looks like a model of the original transition layout just without people and water is instead used.That is where their future content will be hosted.

I wish them luck with their future endeavours on what's hopefully a less restrictive site, and I hope you all will, too. This leaves Hilltrack's Trainz Routes with a single and the original content creator, that being myself.

As I don't see myself producing any new content in the near future, the site will be inactive indefinitely from now on.

Hello Everyone, It seems we've been inactive for a little while so I thought i might be a good time for a release.

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Recently i've been working on figuring out how to make hornsounds in trainz and I'm happy to say i think i've done it. It's over on the Buildings and add ons page for you all to get. As always, I hope you enjoy and look out for new releases coming soon. As I said a couple days ago there would be a new release soon. Well, here it is. I have released a new freelance route called, The Sodor Scrapworks. It started out as a the Smelters yard but then it went in another direction. Anyways enjoy and look out for even more releases soon.

I have updated my routes page and re-added Tidmouth Hill and Ulfstead Village. As well, I have also released an updated version of Bryan.

You can find him at the bottom of the Locomotives page. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have a great time using these new releases, and I would like to give a special mention to Wildnorwester for allowing me to use some of his facepacks.

si3d deviantart

I greatly appreciate that, and I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas. In anticipation of the likely return of the Bow the Terrier stories, I have uploaded an updated version of the Ditmouth Railway, home of Bow the Terrier. Please access the route through the supplied session. Toad the Brakevan has been given a major overhaul ever since his release in early Now he's been given a major overhaul, with a new mesh and changeable faces.

Welcome to ZA3D!

I hope you enjoy using him. Of course they come with the same usual features as the other engines on the website. I hope you all enjoy, and we hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.

With the final weekend before Christmas finally here, it's time for the final Christmas Releases. Today's release is a pack of 8 plank wagons, some of which are inspired by the CGI series. I hope you all enjoy this release, and I really hope you're excited for tommorrow's release!They produced Trainz content until Julywhen they switched to Trainzfeaturing the "baked" look on the engines.

After almost 3 years, they began the range, which featured metallic paint, steam generating whistles, and eye direction. Their last model was Percy, and in Novemberthey switched again to Trainz These were the same only they were a bit larger and featured 3D faces.

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In Decemberthey started making CGI variants of the models as well. They resumed their Railway Series models in September After alleged "lack of respect" to staff by the community, SI3D was shut down on January 27, The main trigger was a user who uploaded the old content on DeviantArt and was very rude to the SI3D staff when asked to take it down. A fake site has been created online with all the models reuploaded, but has since been taken down.

According to the real SI3D staff, the site may re-open in the future but they wouldn't reccomend fans holding their breaths. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Check out the news bulletin below this picture to see what has been updated! Also, there is a new forum! Register today for the best experience you will get for generations to come! It had been nearly an entire year with no new releases. That is not good at all. Welp, this update is sure to redeem that!

Be sure to thank him for this wonderful treat! This little extension connects the Skarloey Railway from Elephant Park to Strawberry Grove, including Rumble Bridge itself, featuring a couple recognizable areas like the Depot and more! There are also some surprising changes made to older locations, and a new surprise location just south of Maron Station hints the next extension!

Enjoy this special treat and have a wonderful day! The Zachman Awesomeness 3D Discord is now open! Come check it out! Stay strong, friends! Usually, this site would be active a lot every year. This year was uneventful I suppose. Don't worry, by the time Christmas comes, ZA3D will be in full swing once more!

Nothing major on the site as of now, but I did fix some grammatical issues and refurbished some of the pages on the site. Now there's hopefully no need to scratch heads in confusion. After many months of hiatus, I am pleased to announce that the second part of my Peel Godred Branch Line extension has been released! However, it's only the standard gauge portion of the bundle, so expect the narrow gauge portion very soon! I have made some changes that I felt were overdue on the website, since I had not touched this for a while.

The "Stuff in the Works" page has been revamped, and the "About" page is now more easier to read with it's own "Questions and Answers" section. More content is on it's way on Easter Sunday. If nothing happens, I'll still post the news bulletin on that day with some reasoning! Until then, have a nice day! Merry Christmas! After two months of hard work, Knapford has finally been given a long awaited overhaul. Extra shedding, shunters and station pilots are now available!

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He suggested that I should delete the affected broken assets and reinstall them. So I did. And they no longer showed up as faulty, and they also don't show a red puzzle piece anymore.We here at Zachman Awesomeness Studios would like to thank you for dropping by to watch some interesting videos. We got gameplay videos, which allows demonstrations and entertainment for many gaming audiences!

si3d deviantart

I play the following games:. We also got comedy for everyone to laugh along. The Funny Animal Compilations Videos are the most notable comedic videos to laugh along at.

More From Me: My Other Sites!

Glad you have dropped in from a click from a link or finding me on the site during a hunt. Allow me to introduce myself. I like to make things and have fun enjoying the view of other stuff!

One click on the watch button, and whenever I do something, you'll be notified from your mailbox. Any comment breaking the rules will be marked spam, removed, and the user that made the comment will be bricked in a tunnel. Have a request for me? Feel free to request me for something to make, and I'll get back to you by replying as soon as I see what you have to request.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the creations I did! Then here's a good place to spend some time watching me try and build at the best of my ability.

si3d deviantart

You may not like what you see, but the truth is, when I don't stream, I tend to get things done a bit faster, instead of chatterboxing about what I made and stuff. Background audio is credited to the makers whose audio is used. Nothing special, as I just post what I gotta post on there. I'm always active on it, regardless if I want to post or not.

I have a route thread on the forums, that you should frequently visit, as updates from my route are primarilly displayed here.

I also do update videos, which I tend to go off topic a lot from. Here's the rules More to comeSlick Thomas Trainz! Search this site. Find out the latest updates, and also find out about some releases for Trainz. But now, I have moved to Trainzand I have released a new route for download. It's a sub-par Thomas set. Since I have figured out a way how to take pictures in Trainz without having to use a program You have to use Print ScreenI have updated a few images on my website so you can see what my releases look like.

Sodor Island 3D

This should be easier so you don't have to ask what they look like as you can now see the models, reskins, and routes now! I have done some bits and bobs to the website, such as changing the image background, as well as removing some more sites as they have either been removed or been changed and I don't have their new website URLs yet. As SI3D has sadly shut down due to some idiots redistributing the old models, I have removed the link to the website.

To the people who ran the website, I hope you find better things to do in life, and I wish you luck. Thanks for all you've done! Also, someone on YouTube pointed out that SirFowler's website has once again been hacked so I removed the link to that as well. Sorry for this late update! Anyways, some of the websites on the Links page have become defunct or moved, and I also found some other great Trainz websites full of Thomas content, so make sure to go there and check it out!

I have released a new freelance route! It's called a "Sudrian Workshop"! NOTE: You may have to find the dependencies elsewhere. This is like, what? Now she not only has updated tender wheels despite them not being movableshe now has a sad expression! I did a little update to Rebecca. It's not a huge one, but it'll do for now. Enjoy, like usual. She may not be the best-made, but I hope you'll enjoy her! Original model by jetstreamsky from the DLS, so you may have to download some dependencies first.

It's a billboard reskin for the Archie comics since I have gotten interest into watching the old cartoons recently. I know I made a journal where I said I was done with Trainz, but somehow I'm starting to kind of miss using it :.

Maybe someday I'll get back to making more content for this website. Now that I have a Deviantart page, that has been added to the Links page. Since the original si3d. I have released a new piece of content. It's Oliver's Series 3 Whistle. It has the one heard in "Oliver Owns Up" Gordon's whistle in high pitch and Oliver's theme heard in Series 4, thanks to Jeremy Crispo for providing it.

Head on to the Add-ons page to download it. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything here since February 19th. I've been busy on Youtube and other things, but I promise more stuff will be released when i get the chance to upload more content to my Google Drive account. It's up for download now!He was soon deemed useless as a locomotive, and was turned into a pumping engine instead!

With the original base models from Skipper, engines City of Truro and Neville are now available. More 'Sodor' modified engines are soon to follow. A fictional coach and brake van set addition for the narrow gauge 'Ghost Engine'. Years ago, a little narrow gauge engine was travelling home, when he suddenly derailed, and fell from the side of an old iron bridge. To this day, it is rumored that his spirit still haunts the crossing.

In the last story of The Three Railway EnginesHenry is given a lovely new coat of blue paint, and retains the livery until Troublesome Engines. In keeping with the style of the classic SI3D models, Henry's scheme is unweathered. Silver is a narrow guage engine that once boasted about being 'the fastest engine in the hills'.

One day, a wizard grew fed up with Silver's bragging, and promptly turned him into a rusty, slow engine named Tramp, who was soon mocked by the others. The Flying Thistle is an engine that visited Sodor. When he arrived, he was first seen by Percy, and later, thought to be Gordon by Bill and Ben.

The link to the Series 3 Coaches has been fixed.

Discontinuation of The Sudrian Community:

Palmerston, Prince, and Sir Haydn have been removed from the site for much needed updates. Sixteen was a troublesome engine who lived at a steelworks with other engines. One day, he slid past a warning sign and ended up "Cab Over Wheels" down a hill. Afterwards, he was sent to a preservation line. Today sees an update of the original RWS Skarloey engines pack. All seven engines have been updated with with new red and weathered paintwork, and new whistlesounds as well. Next up, an update of Proteus, the legendary 'magic lamp' engine, now available in numbered and non-numbered form.

Next, a new pack has been released, containing three varations of engineunnumbered, and Alfredand two variations of its tender numbered and unnumbered. In the two years since the original A0 Pacific pack was released, it has gone through two previous updates. Today, the 4th and finalized version of the pack is released, utilizing all new textures and updates. Wilbert Awdry's layout, is released.

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Rheneas is released in his blue-lined yellow livery, as seen in the upcoming film, Blue Mountain Mystery. I've completed my move here to Northwestern Railwaysthe new home for my old and future projects. Full details of the switch will emerge on SI3D Forums over the next few days. You can do it, too! Home News Content Contact. January 11th. Original model by Trainboi1. December 28th.

si3d deviantart

July 12th. July 2nd. July 1st. June 16th.

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