Sei alpha one gen 1

Because the Alpha One outdrives were limited to relatively low-horsepower applications -- horsepower or less -- Mercury introduced the Bravo series of outdrives in for engines of up to horsepower and speeds of up to mph. The Alpha One dating from to has the same size upper gear case but lacks the lifting eye on top of the gear case cap. The Alpha One Generation I outdrive is limited to engines of horsepower or less.

The cap has a lifting notch at the center-rear that does not extend as far across the top cap as the rear bolt holes. The Bravo Two outdrive, while physically similar, is not found on engines of greater than horsepower or boats that operate at speeds of greater than 55 mph. For lower-speed or lower-horsepower applications, a Mercury dealer can identify the drive by its serial number.

The Bravo Three outdrive overcomes the tendency of Mercury outdrives to pull the boat to the left. Mercury drives rotate counterclockwise. The torque from this rotation pulls a boat somewhat to port along its course when moving forward. When backing, the torque vigorously pulls the boat to port, even after the engine stops.

Mercruiser Alpha Generation 1 Vs. Mercruiser Alpha Generation 2 Sterndrive Comparison

The Bravo Three outdrive uses a propeller shaft-within-a-shaft driving a twin propeller. The outer propeller shaft turns the propeller nearest the outdrive counterclockwise. The inner propeller shaft -- the shaft-within-a-shaft -- turns the propeller farthest from the outdrive clockwise. These "counterrotating" propellers cancel out each others' torque to eliminate pull to the left or the right when the boat moves.

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Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

Mercruiser Stern Drives

Related 4. Bravo Three Outdrive The Bravo Three outdrive overcomes the tendency of Mercury outdrives to pull the boat to the left. About the Author.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? SEI outdrive review-gctid Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. SEI outdrive review-gctidAM. I know there are some folks on here who ave been tossing around SEI outdrive opinions, so I thought I would write up some of my own observations.

Out of the box the drive seemed like decent quality although there were some minor irregularities in the casting which makes me think the paint might have some issues at some point It bolted right on to my boat with no issues and performed just fine during the break-in procedure which I followed meticulously.

When I first changed the gear lube at 10 hours, there was a bunch of metal shavings stuck to the drain magnet Now I'm at about 30 hours and the drive is performing great. I'll chime in again from time to time with my experience to help folks decide if SEI is right for them.

Tags: None. My cousin put one on a 23' Carver 4 years ago and has had no problems. He also does all recommended service. Comment Post Cancel. We have a Bayliner at my boat yard right now waiting for replacement SEI upper and lower under warranty as the unit basically nuked its self.Home Log In. Retrieve Shopping Cart by email address. Click here and enter email address. Search Our Site. Harkers Island, NC for part information for technical help.

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sei alpha one gen 1

This handy wrench removes screw on type marine water separator fuel filters and most oil filters Tough, forged stainless steel. Pinion Bearing Installation Tool to precisely fit the pinion bearing must remove paper cone to avoid crooked seating that causes gears to break or make noise on Mercruiser Drives. This item Sometimes the gimbal bearing can be a real pain to remove. This tool is designed to get the toughest gimbal bearing out Ideal for adding Gear Lube and other fluids to small engines and marine lower units.

Flexible Hose for Shift Cable Tool for Mercruiser Sterndrives. The shift Tester for Ethanol percentage. Replaces: Mercury T28 Instructions: Fill with water to the line, fill with gas to the neck, put lid on and shake vigorously, stand vertical with cap on, let Jaws can be turned for pulling in the inside or outside.

Also has locking bolts II Drives. Replaces Merc. OEM: II drive units and many outboard engines with a 13 spline drive shaft. Drive Shaft Bearing Retainer Wrench removes and installs threaded bearing retainer under the water pump housing on Mercruiser sterndrives and Mercury Mariner outboards. Drive Shaft Preload Tool.

Replaces: Mercury Marine This tool is used to measure the upper driven gear clearance.And over 40 years spent as the unquestioned technology, performance and propulsion leader. MerCruiser stern drive technology is designed to maximize your experience—whether through ease of maintenance or trouble-free operation.

Mercruiser Alpha One Gen One stern drives were produced from Improved gear design and bearing arrangements made the Alpha One drive stronger than its "R" Drive predecessor. These Mercruiser Alpha One's come in four different gear ratios: 1. The lower housings for all of the Alpha One outdrives use the same lower unit as the gearing is changed in the upper housing.

These are an updated design on the first Alpha Ones which were manufactured by Mercruiser from The complete Mercruiser sterndrives come in five gear ratios: 1.

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The 2. Complete Engines, Lower Units and Sterndrives excluded. Yamaha Checked numerous places online other marine places, ebay,amazon and none compared to these prices. Along with fast response to my questions to make sure I got the right part, I ordered it and it came quick and got me back on the water. Thanks again. Order Review.

sei alpha one gen 1

Assembled the pieces together and found the shear pin hole oversize allowing the clutch to rock and not drive properly. Put a pc of cloth hanger in between the shear pin to tighten up the whole and put it together. Work like a charm for the week. Found new clutch at Crowleys just like that when I got home.

Mercruiser Outdrive Identification

And ready for this season. They ship immediately and package items with care. They are true Professionals. I would not be able to keep my old items running smoothly without them. Thanks. Replaced throttle cam. It has done me no wrong. The last fishing trip it began to act up. I was on a 2 week fishing trip to Montana so a little JB weld got me through the trip.

It was time to finally do a little repair work on the old gal. I rebuilt the carburetor and the recoil starter spring and upper unit. The fuel pump was leaking- JB Weld closed it up until I could replace with a new unit.

A new cam fixed the problem. All parts were ordered from Crowley Marine. Getting old replacement parts is becoming harder and harder to find.

Crowley Marine really helps in locating necessary replacement components. Price is fair, service is fine, but reported stock is not accurate making for slow delivery. You can get a rough idea of standard transit times from the map above.These units are new, not remanufactured, which means it has no wear and tear yet.

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You may use the chart to determine your gear ratio. You can select the gear ratio from the drop down under 'available options' on this page. We can supply 1. Replaces most Mercruiser Sterndrives from HP 2. Your Mercruiser Sterndrive must have trim and tilt to be able to use our replacement drive.

If your Mercruiser Sterndrive is between you must verify that you have 13 splines on your upper driveshaft. Ships in two boxes. Please see related items below. To determine if you have a counter rotation unit on your twin engine boat it is easiest to look at the props. If the props are identical orientation, then they are both standards.

If the prop blades are opposite, then the port should be a counter rotation 7. Please refer to the model chart below to find your proper Mercruiser Sterndrive Replacement. These are typical applications, it is best to confirm your ratio by counting the teeth in the upper. Although great care was taken in the creation of this guide, SEI cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Notes 1. Unit has an 8 spline driveshaft on the lower unit. If your unit is original, you need to purchase a complete. Unit has a short yoke on the upper driveshaft. Unit must have trim and tilt for our Replacement to work. If it has two trim hoses going to each cylinder, it has trim and tilt.

Unit has an eyelet on top cover. Replacement unit will not. Unit has a round cavitation plate on lower unit. The replacement will not. Gear Ratio must be confirmed. Chart below is typical applications, however there is no guarantee it is correct. To be safe it is best to remove the top cover and count the teeth on the upper gears. SEI does not make this gear ratio. You could substitute a 1. Product Menu. It's a great replacement for the 6E Browse Products.Sterndrive Engineering SEI is the largest supplier of aftermarket sterndrives and our own line of outboards in the world.

Sterndrive Engineering's Outdrives are not remanufactured, they are entirely new. SEI's drives come standard with a three-yearfault-free warranty. This means that the unit is covered for any failure that requires the drive to be repaired or replaced.

sei alpha one gen 1

Run it without lubrication, crash into a stump, suck up some fishing line, it does not matter, the SEI drive is always covered. SEI believes this warranty is one of the best warranties ever offered for a stern drive or a outboard lower unit. Peace of mind while on the water is important, and SEI goes the extra distance to make sure that our products perform.

SEI has done extensive testing on all of the parts of the drives including the gears, shafts, bearings, and other wear parts to confirm performance and durability. SEI operates one of the only research lakes in the world dedicated to the testing of marine propulsion systems.

The research center has a acre lake with a stationary dock that allows for around-the-clock endurance testing of parts, such as gears, shafts, and bearings. Often the company is asked 'How do we do it?

sei alpha one gen 1

SEI buys its parts directly from manufacturers and passes the savings on to the customer. The marine industry is notorious for multiple layers of distribution which adds cost to the end user. By avoiding the middleman, SEI is able to offer a quality drives at a fraction of the price offered by others.

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The products offered include hydraulic pumps, trim cylinders, hoses, fittings, and other accessories. SEI also offers a gimble housing repair kit. SEI's mission is to make owning, operating, and maintaining a sterndrive or outboard lower unit more affordable. Thanks for your interest in SEI. We Gladly Accept. The three year fault-free warranty covers any damage to the drive that requires it to be repaired or replaced including failures resulting from lack of oil, fishing line, impact, neglect, and other abuse.

Sterndrive Engineering, Inc. SEI has no affiliation with the Brunswick Corporation. All reference to their trademarks and trade names are the property of the respective owners. Select a Make GO -- Previous models Sterndrive Engineering Inc. All Rights Reserved.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Mercruiser Transom Bellows Install Procedure

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